Friday, April 29, 2011

That's Cool, That's Trash! joins the 21st century!

Greetings all you hep cats and cool kittens, and welcome to the That's Cool, That's Trash! blog. Now, I know you're thinking, "But Matt, I thought the whole point of writing a physical zine was to maintain the intangible charm and all that comes with the tangible rock 'n' roll fanzine. Have you betrayed your cause?!" Fear not dear reader! This pathetic digital platform will never replace the printed page! However, I do see the value in having an online HQ for That's Cool, That's Trash!. Both for promotional purposes as well as to keep you, the loyal trash-fiends, up to date on what's happening around the physical That's Cool, That's Trash! HQ. So check back from time to time and dig what's new. Currently, Ish No.1 is SOLD OUT, but fear not. For we have a second issue, and there are still a few copies available! But order quick since we've already burned through most the printing, and we don't plan on doin' a reprint unless demand is insane. This issue features an in depth interview with LA punk rock pioneer Johnny Stingray as well as interviews with/articles on The Marked Men, The Mean Jeans, Johnny Burnette, Miss Cool, atomic tunes, plus reviews, comics and more rock 'n' roll mayhem! Currently I am not set up to sell via paypal, so snail mail your order with $4 cash or check ($5 if you want the CD included) on over to:

That's Cool, That's Trash!
2411 SE Yamhill St.
Portland, OR 97214

Issue No. 3 is already in the works featuring interviews with The Pleasure Seekers and Mary Weiss of The Shangri-Las plus much much more! As if that weren't enough, Teen-Age Riot Records (also run by yours truly) will be issuing its first slab o' wax- a killer version of "That's Cool, That's Trash" by Ohio garage rock stompers The Itchies featuring the wild girl group The Miniskirts on vocal duties. Swing on by in the next couple weeks to snag a copy for yourself! Until next time...

Stay Sick, Turn Blue-
Matt Mayhem
Issue No. 2 Available Now! $4 PPD ($5 w/ CD)